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Microfinance Initiative Liechtenstein (MIL)
The Microfinance Initiative Liechtenstein (MIL) was created in 2005 and officially registered as an association in 2009. It supported a diverse range of projects in the fields of applied research, development aid and innovative investment products. Furthermore, the MIL contributed to the creation of numerous further initiatives such as Liechtenstein’s first microfinance fund. Another partner which benefitted from the MIL’s work to promote initiatives which are both socially responsible and entrepreneurial was the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein ( A regular exchange of ideas and information was held with this foundation.
In order to achieve its goals the MIL offered a number of services, ranging from microfinance publications on possible topics of scientific research and training programmes to the concrete implementation of specific microfinance projects. The Microfinance Initiative Liechtenstein association terminated its activities in mid-2016. Its ideals and objectives have been taken up by and live on in other organisations, particularly the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED).

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