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Web Notice and Data Protection Information

Web Notice and Data Protection Information
The protection of personal data is important to us. We collect, process, and use personal data only in compliance with the relevant data protection provisions. We also take organisational, contractual, and technical measures to ensure that data protection provisions are observed and that the data managed by us is protected against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, or access by unauthorised persons.

With this web notice and data protection information we would like to give you a brief overview about the type, scope, and purpose of the collection and processing of personal data within the websites and online offerings of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association. We also explain precautions we take to ensure the confidentiality of the transmitted data and the protection of your privacy.
We reserve the right to change this web notice and data protection information without prior notice in order to adapt it to revised legal requirements or to changes in our range of services or our data processing. Changes enter into effect upon publication on our website.

Contact with us and collection and use of personal data
Personal data is processed regularly if you contact us through our contact form on the website or by e-mail. We collect, process, and use personal data on our website for the following purposes:
  • Performance of our services and membership benefits.
  • If you contact us, the data will be stored for the purpose of processing the request and in the event of follow-up questions as an e-mail message and/or in the LBA's content management system (contact form data may be converted into an e-mail). The purpose results from the respective request.
  • When documents are retrieved by our members via the LBA document manager, the IP address and user data are recorded.
  • If contact data is collected on our online registration form for an event, it will be stored as part of event management and for future contact in connection with events.
  • Sending information material, provided that the user has given us appropriate consent.
  • If you take part in our online survey for the Bankenmagazin, the personal data you provide on a voluntary basis is stored. Under no circumstances is the data made available to unauthorised third parties.
We do not disclose data to third parties by transmission that we receive via our website.

Collection of access data and web analysis

We use access and log data – without attributing such data to a specific user or otherwise preparing a profile – only for statistical evaluations for the purpose of operation, security, and optimisation of our website.

Our website does not use cookies. When you visit our website, your IP data is collected and stored by the LBA's content management system (CMS). The CMS is operated by ICS Management GmbH, Maschlinastrasse 25, FL-9495 Triesen. Visits are counted anonymously using a CMS statistics tool. Our service provider is not in a position to identify you or to establish a connection with you personally. We have concluded an appropriate contract with the provider for order processing and obliged the provider to comply with the data protection provisions.

Integration of third-party services and content and use of plugins

It is possible that third-party content, such as videos on YouTube, maps from Google Maps, or graphics from other websites, may be integrated into our website. This always requires that the providers of this content use the IP address of the users, given that without the IP address no content can be sent to the user's browser.

We are pleased if our readers follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn and if they recommend and discuss contents of on these social networks. For that purpose we use social media buttons. By clicking on the corresponding button, you are redirected to the profile of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association. To share content from our website using social media channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter, a plugin must be installed on your device. By clicking on the icon, you agree to communication with the platform in question as well as transmission of information to the service provider. We have no influence on the amount of data Twitter or LinkedIn collects using the plugin. To our knowledge, integration of the plugins allows the social network only to receive the IP address of the user and the information that a user has accessed the respective page (URL of the website in question). If the user is additionally logged in to the social network, the social network can attribute the visit to the user's account. You can then also use other functions of the social network (e.g. publish content of our pages to your LinkedIn profile). 
As soon as this social media function is accessed, the company in question is responsible for further data processing. Please refer to the guidelines and data protection policies of the selected service provider for information on how your data is used.

Data retention

Please note that when you visit our website, the IP data of the user will be stored by the website operator. After the statistics have been compiled, the access data is cumulated and the information on the IP data deleted. In some cases, personal information such as the name and address of the website visitor may also be collected (if input masks are used).

In accordance with the provisions of data protection law, our website visitors are informed about every collection of personal data on the websites concerned. We collect, use, and process personal data to protect our legitimate interests or on the basis of your consent. Consent once given may be withdrawn at any time without formal requirements and with effect for the future. Personal data provided to us via our website is stored only as long as necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was collected or otherwise processed. Personal data is used only in accordance with the purpose arising from the relevant page of our website on which the data is collected from you.

By using the latest security software as well as coding and encryption methods, our IT infrastructure complies with international security standards. Regardless of the measures taken to protect your data, data protection and confidentiality in data processing via universally accessible media may sometimes be restricted. When using the internet as a transmission medium via computer, mobile phone, or other device, it cannot be ruled out, given the way the internet is designed, that third parties may gain access to your data and thus draw conclusions about your person or that personal data may flow into third countries without our intervention. We reject any liability for direct and indirect damages arising in connection with the use of our website or its contents.

Your rights

In principle, you have the right of data access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability, withdrawal of consent, and objection as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority. For details regarding your rights and further information in addition to this web-specific data protection information, please refer to our privacy notice

If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection law or if you would like further information regarding your data protection rights, please contact us at:
Liechtenstein Bankers Association
P.O. Box 254
Austrasse 46
FL-9490 Vaduz
Phone: +423 230 13 23 

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