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Liechtenstein banking center

Liechtenstein banking center – refuge of stability, tradition, and continuity

Liechtenstein as a banking location is part of the Swiss and European economic area and has been among the first European addresses in private banking for many decades.
Liechtenstein banks have always specialised in their traditional business in private banking and wealth management, and they do not engage in investment banking. Thanks to this business model, they have ensured their stability for the medium and long term. They are among the best-capitalised banks in Europe. Compared with other European countries, they have a high equity ratio of 15% on average and did not require aid by the State during the financial crisis.
Bank customers apppreciate the reliability and quality of customer care. The attractiveness of the financial centre is enhanced by the political continuity of the country, its stable currency (Swiss Franc) and legal certainty. Client deposits are protected by a modern and extensive deposit guarantee scheme that meets EU norms. Liechtenstein’s AAA rating by Standard & Poor’s underscores the country’s reliability.
Liechtenstein banks aim to benefit from the advantages of EEA membership in the European Single Market. They benefit from the four freedoms and from the "EU passport", a system allowing suppliers of financial services already licensed in the EEA to offer their services in other EEA countries as well without additional licensing requirements.

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